The erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability in achieving erection during sexual intercourse. Also termed as impotence it is caused due to many but mainly due to psychological or physical troubles. There are many remedies and treatments are available and most popular one is Viagra. Viagra sold in the name of Blue pills as the color is blue and looks like diamond pieces which helps in improving the blood flow and relaxing the muscles in particular areas of the body and preventing PDE5 inhibitors not to work too quickly and lasting the sex for long. Blue pills are the foremost treatment for impotence with fewer side effects. There is no awareness among men that the impotence is curable through medication till the existence and use of Blue pills and the ignorance level is high really which made difficult to market the product initially. Men deliberately need a solution as impotence cause for the ruin of many marriages and relationships. The way Blue pills worked for men made it termed as magic blue pill. The treatment for impotence treatment attracted major sale of sexual related treatment pills The fact is that during the time of introduction Blue pills is most criticized medical cure pills in the century, but the gain of the market achieved through the benefit it has produced. Blue pills are made for men only and not at all taken by women or children. Men who are having health related issues like blood pressure, diabetes and mental depression can consume this blue pills after getting the advice from the doctors. Blue pills are normally safe to health and very effective for impotence cure. Blue pills have good track record for many years and many men had impotence problem went back their normal life after the arrival of this treatment. Blue pills are tremendously helps in solving the erection problems within an hour and the effect last for minimum four hours. This helps the men to get more time for getting their mood and continue their normal sex life without any trouble. Blue pills are selling in three major strengths such as 25, 50 and 100 mile grams. Your doctor can advise the dose level according to your health condition. Blue pills are s at very rare situation can create side effects. There is not any major side effects caused or reported so far and the minor side effects can be headache, facial flushing and stomach upset. The most common side effect is bluish or blurred vision or sensitivity while seeing the lights. Blue pills are not advisable for??? Men over 60 years and having serious sickness in liver or kidney??? Those taking treatment for HIV??? Patients having high blood pressure??? Patients having chest or heart diseases.

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